Below are the available conference resources and reading lists from the 2013 National Early College Conference. For complete session descriptions see the concurrent session or innovative school visits pages.

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General Session Resources

Early College 101 Orientation session

Stan Litow Keynote Session


Concurrent Session and Innovative School Visit Resources

Sessions listed alphabetically by title

Adapting Early College for Off-Track Youth
Presenter: Lili Allen
Session slot: Concurrent Session II

Building and Supporting Instructional Leadership for Accelerated Student Learning
Presenters: Paula Gama Garcia, Nelda Cantu, Ana Gonzalez, Minette Duenas
Session slot: Concurrent session I & III

Building the Foundation of 9-14 Early College and Career Schools
Presenters: Adenike Huggins, Claire Riccardi, Brian Donnelly, Temeca Simpson
Session slot: Concurrent Session II & III

Camp Discovery: Bridging the Gap Between Middle School and Early College
Presenters: Elizabeth Thompson, Vance Fishback
Session slot: Innovative School Visit

Changing School Cultures, Changing Student Fortunes
Spearkers: Julie Stolze, Cindy Misenheimer, Carolyn Bayer, David Miller
Session slot: Concurrent Session I & III

College and Career Readiness for All: The Duplin Promise
Presenter: Kevin Smith, Connie Harrell, Angelo Cavallaro, Sylvia Draughn, Robbie Futch, Selina Riley-Gurganus, Amy Wallace
Session slot: Concurrent Session

College-Ready Writing in the Content Areas
Presenters:Elizabeth Wiggs, Whitney Coon, Lara Howard
Session slot: Concurrent Session I

Creating Authentic College Experiences When a High School Teacher is the College Professor
Spearkers: Adam Lowe, Stephen Jolley
Session slot: Concurrent Session I

Do Early Colleges Work?
Presenter: Julie Edmunds
Session slot: Concurrent Session II & III

Early College High School Online
Spearkers: Dan Keast, Dennis McEntire, Guadalupe Singh, David Watts
Session slot: Concurrent Session I & III

Exploring Wild and Wonderful Careers-Career Education and Development in Early College
Presenters: Porchia McDaniel, Rhonda Moyer, Susan Phelps
Session slot: Concurrent Session I

Hands-On Tools for Schools Serving Off-Track and Disconnected Youth
Presenter: Lili Allen
Session slot: Innovative School Visit

Mathematics Instruction at the Early College: Rigor, Formative Assessment, and Lesson Planning
Presenter: Nina Arshavsky
Session slot: Concurrent Session III

Our Early College Students: The Message and the Messenger
Presenters: Keith Hayashi, Christopher Manaseri, Reschi Karla Ramo, Ashley Escano, Mark Silliman
Session slot: Concurrent Session I

Pathways through Early College Coursework
Presenters: Jennifer Kim, Elisabeth Barnett, Chery Wagonlander, Scott Jenkins
Session slot: Concurrent Session II

Pieces of the Puzzle: Building Collaborative Relationships Between College and High School Partners
Presenters: Jenita Pace, Matt Heimburg, Doris Greene
Session slot: Concurrent Session I

Supports for College Students Success
Presenters: Dramaine Freeman, Sarah Jones, Susan Kimbrough, Elizabeth Vickory, Loretta Rowland-Kitley
Session slot: Concurrent Session II

Standards-Based Instruction: Purposeful Design and Powerful Results
Presenter: Sara Simmons
Session slot: Concurrent Session II

Student Scorecards and Other Strategies to Support the Successful Transition to College
Presenter: Wendi Hawk, John Hawk
Session slot: Concurrent Session II & III

Who We Serve: Recruiting and Selecting Candidates for Early Colleges
Presenters: Brandon Garland, Nicole Humphrey, Rodney Allred
Session slot: Concurrent Session II

Year One of the Pathways to Prosperity State Network
Presenters: Amy Loyd, Tobie Baker Wright
Session slot: Concurrent Session II & III

North Carolina New Schools Reading List

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Jobs for the Future Resources and Reading List

Early College Design Services and Reinventing High Schools for Postsecondary Success Brochure

JFF’s Common Instructional Framework

Early College Design Residencies

Essential Elements of Early College Designs

Early College Instructional Strategy Guidebooks

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